Belooga Track was developped by Linexos in partnership with Patlite. The system is based on connected LED Signal Tower. Integrating Belooga Track monitoring tool is very easy and only 3 steps are required.

LED Signal Towers

Patlite Signal Towers can be easyly integrated on most of industrial machine. LR series signal towers are modular and ready to communicate through Zigbee protocol. LR series documentation

Connected Signal Towers

By adding a WD module, LR series signal towers become connected. Every changes are sent to a WD receiver using Zigbee Pro protocol.

Belooga Track connection

Belooga Track connects on one or more WD receiver and collect all machine states and changes. Dashboards are automatically built and reports can be generated. Monitoring 4.0 takes place.


Belooga Track provides a solution out of the box to monitor production in real-time. The software solution has been developped in partnership with Patlite to get the best from Signal Towers technology. Many workshops have been made with technicians, production managers, and industry leaders to provide a solution as simple as complete.

Global view

Global view shows every machine states, and provides states counters. Changes are pushed in real-time. Names and labels can be customized for each tower, and each state.

Detailed view

When selecting an individual tower (or machine), a detailed view is shown. This view allows user to see current state, and occurency for each recorded state. Cumulated counter, by state, are also available on this view.

Time Series

Time Series provide graphics to identify state changes time by time, with corresponding labels. Time selector allows to focus on a selected period.

Cumulated times

A synthetic table shows cumulated time for each state. Filters and Searches are also available.


To quickly identify machine location when an state changes, signal towers can be positionned on one or more maps. A map is an image, that is uploaded to the software. A good map can be the industry map, or a schema representing production workflow.


Reports are available in PDF, XLS or CSV. A report can contain more than one machine, and states can be filtered to keep only relevant ones. Reports contain productivity gauges, cumulative counters, etc.

Multi device

Belooga Track interface is responsive, and can be used from any device. Menus and reports are optimized to fit on smartphones and tablets.

Multi Users

Many user accounts can be created in Belooga Track, with different rigth levels. Many users can connect at the same time.

Alerting System

Any alert system can be connected to Belooga Track to get real-time notifications : SMS, email, tchat, etc.


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  • Global view
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  • Time Series
  • Maps
  • Mobile

Global View

Real time

Detailed view

Quick Report

Time Series Analysis

Time Series

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Cumulated counter

Time Series



Mobile Realtime

Mobile global view

Mobile detailed view

Mobile report

Mobile Summary

Mobile real time

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